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Modern yachts engineering systems are integral to the safety of the vessel, the crew, and the guests.

You have medical insurance. You ensure your crew is fully qualified. Why would you not ensure that your onboard engineer has 24/7 assistance?

Guest and crew safety and comfort can be covered by having engineering assistance at a critical moment.

Most yachts have the necessity of calling regularly on an extra crew for deliveries and refits, it makes sense that this person is able to actively assist the engineer both remotely and onboard.

If your yacht's systems & machinery are part of our database, then remote assist, questions, chasing parts… all becomes easier.



A quick phone call to us may resolve a simple problem whilst on charter or on delivery.

It may not be feasible or possible for you to spend tracking down information or spares to resolve a technical problem on board. Your engineer may just want to double-check with someone who has access and time to investigate a problem.



Employing an extra engineer for a refit period can make a huge impact on the workload completed.

This also creates an immediate backup for the future. Another engineer who knows your systems and can be called upon for a future refit, assist with delivery post refit, or called upon for short relief periods.

Sailenge aims to use refits as the base and beginning for supporting yachts. Every refit period one of us helps out will assure the continuation of support for the future. To assist the onboard engineer and result in the yacht having a continuation of maintenance and systems knowledge.

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